What Is in a Welcome Back to School Letter From the Teacher?

A welcome back to school letter from a teacher includes an overview of what students and parents should expect during the school year, an introduction to the teacher's teaching style and an overview of classroom policies. The letter can stipulate homework and grading policies, supplies needed for the curriculum and classroom itself and information about the curriculum planned for the academic year.

A welcome back to school letter also outlines upcoming events hosted by the teacher, the school or the district. The teacher may provide a description of each event, the opportunity for parents to visit or attend performances or pep rallies and an overview of how classroom parties pertaining to special events or holidays are conducted.

Teachers may also include information about volunteer opportunities for parents throughout the academic year and the need for parent participation. An overview of any new technology or homework procedures is also helpful for parents and students to know before the school year begins. Some teachers choose to provide contact information for students and parents to establish contact before school begins or throughout the academic year. A classroom list of students may also be included as an attachment with the letter.

Teachers who wish to learn more about students before the school year begins can opt to include a questionnaire or survey for parents and students to complete and bring to the first day of school.