How Do You Weigh Someone for the CNA Test?

As part of the certified nursing assistant (CNA) test a student should follow proper procedures for weighing patients on a scale. For patients who are bedridden, procedures need to be followed using a bed scale. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and requires a regular scale or a bed scale. Proper preparation and recording procedures must be followed.

  1. Follow proper preliminary procedures

    Before weighing the patient, wash your hands thoroughly, introduce yourself and any assistant to the patient and confirm the identity of the patient. Inform the patient that you are going to weigh him, and be ready to answer any questions. Balance the scale at zero.

  2. Weigh a patient who can stand

    When weighing a patient who can stand, place a paper towel on the scale platform and make sure the patient is barefoot. Assist the patient onto the scale if necessary, and read weight measurement. Record the weight measurement in the patient's chart, and assist him off the scale. Wash your hands.

  3. Weigh a bedridden patient

    To weigh a bedridden patient, you will need an assistant. Make sure you sanitize the bed scale according to required policy. Lower the patient's bed to a flat position, and roll the patient on his side and onto a bath blanket. Have your assistant help you place the bed scale under the patient. Record the weight on the patient's chart. Remove the bed scale and bath blanket and return the patient to a comfortable position as desired. Wash your hands.