What Websites Provide Help With Homework?


Khan Academy, Fact Monster and Tutor are all websites that provide resources or live help to assist students with homework. Each website operates differently, but all provide educational resources like online calculators, videos, tutorials or live question and answer sessions with a tutor to help students figure out difficult problems or understand concepts.

Khan Academy is a free website that offers instructional help for math, science, history, economics and art. The website uses instructional videos and interactive lessons to help students from kindergarten through college. Students work at their own pace and can search the site by subject to find specific concepts or lessons.

Fact Monster is a website that provides definitions of terms for all different subjects and gives explanations about concepts and how to do certain tasks correctly like a research paper or using the library. The site uses different games to help students practice math and other subjects.

Tutor is a website that offers students the chance to connect with a live tutor that specializes in the subject they need help with. There is a membership fee to access the tutors, but the site offers everything from SAT prep to help with general homework questions. Students can even work with a foreign language tutor that can help them improve competency in a foreign language.