What Websites Provide Fun and Easy Projects for Kids?


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ScienceKids.co.nz provides science-based projects for children. Parents.com, ActivityVillage.co.uk and PBS.org offer crafts-based projects for kids. For general projects, including crafts, KiwiCrate.com is a good resource.

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What Websites Provide Fun and Easy Projects for Kids?
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Science experiments can be fun and easy for kids to do at home. As of 2015, ScienceKids.co.nz offers numerous examples of easy science experiments. For instance, kids can learn how to make eggs float in water, their hair stand on end and a ping pong ball float on air. They can also create crazy putty, glowing water, fake snot, a vinegar volcano, a lemon fizzy drink and a dry ice bubble.

Several websites detail craft projects for children. Parents.com offers numerous instructional articles for craft projects. Children can learn scrapbooking, painting, crocheting, sewing and knitting. Specific craft projects include screen printing, toy creation and decorating. Parents.com also has projects relating to sports, family and family fun. PBS.org has a list of videos for children to make craft projects as well as instructional articles. ActivityVillage.co.uk also has a craft project section on the website. The projects are organized according to theme, including holidays and seasons.

KiwiCrate.com organizes craft projects according to theme and to material. For instance, children can make animal and bug crafts, costumes and jewelry, homemade gifts, toys and transportation. The site also has projects related to nature, numbers and math, science and cooking.

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