What Websites Provide Audio Pronunciation in French?


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Sites that allow users to hear French words pronounced correctly for free include Translate.Google.com, imTranslator.net, and AudioFrench.com. Translate.Google.com and imTranslator.net provide translation from English, whereas AudioFrench is an audio dictionary.

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To hear French words and phrases with Translate.Google.com, select English and French over the left and right text boxes respectively. Click the keyboard or microphone icon for text or voice input. The site automatically provides a French translation after entry of English text. Clicking on the speaker icon in the box to the right plays a spoken example of the translated sentence.

On imTranslator.net, select French in the center box, and then type an English phrase into the text box. Clicking Translate & Speak French plays audio of the translated French phrase.

AudioFrench.com has options such as vocabulary lists, verb tables and expressions. Select a French word or phrase to hear an example.

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