What Websites Have Interesting Facts About Coral for Kids?

Websites offering interesting facts about coral are kidsdiscover.com, ducksters.com and Kids Do Ecology, located at kids.nceas.ucsb.edu. These sites present basic and engaging facts targeted at children about coral and coral reefs with pictures and diagrams to illustrate certain points.

Kidsdiscover.com features beautiful pictures of coral and other sea life in a coral reef biome. This page provides facts about the environment coral requires to thrive.

Ducksters.com has a student-friendly page containing information about coral reef biomes. The page features a color-coded map to show where coral reefs are located, a diagram depicting the zones of a coral reef and a list of fun facts.

Kids Do Ecology arranges facts about coral reefs in easy-to-read paragraphs with several color pictures. The end of the page discusses what children can do to preserve the disappearing reefs.