What Websites Have Information About Wildlife for Children?


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Three wildlife-themed websites that target younger audiences are National Geographic Kids, the children's division of the National Wildlife Federation website and Science Kids. Features of these websites include animal facts, photos and illustrations and activities.

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National Geographic Kids has an extensive animal library in addition to other scientific and historic material. Kids can click the menu button on the home page to locate the animal section of the website. This pulls up an extensive list of animal entries, and also includes trending animals. Kids here can find information on everything from hissing cockroaches to sloths to orcas. Each entry provides an overview of a species, scientific name, habitat, endangered status and a list of fun facts. The website also features several animal games and videos.

The National Wildlife Federation is home of the famed Ranger Rick, a raccoon that is the star of the kid's magazine bearing his name. Kids can read select animal articles online from the magazine and from the Ranger Rick Jr. counterpart for even younger ages. A Family Fun section on the website includes animal-related recipes, crafts, outdoor activities, songs and contests.

Science Kids includes an extensive library of animal facts, with categories encompassing dogs, dolphins, cats and other creatures.

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