What Websites Give Samples of Introductory Speeches for Guest Speakers?

Websites that include samples of introductory speeches for guest speakers include Write-Out-Loud.com, CanUWrite.com and Public-Speaking-Advice.com, as of May 2015. In addition to sample speeches, each site contains tips on how to tailor the speech to the individual speaker and how to customize the overall format of the speech.

Write-Out-Loud.com features a step-by-step guide on how to write an introductory speech for a guest speaker, followed by an example speech that follows the steps. The guide begins by explaining the purpose of an introduction speech and listing the information needed to create a speech unique to the speaker, and then presents the sample speech. Alternately, CanUWrite.com features a sample speech first and then offers readers a series of tips on writing a speech, such as asking the guest speaker what information she wants to include in the introduction.

Public-Speaking-Advice.com offers a few basic guidelines on formatting an introduction speech and what to avoid, such as infringing on the content of the speaker's speech. It also provides a sample of a correctly formatted introduction speech as well as an incorrectly formatted speech. The incorrectly formatted speech highlights the points mentioned in the guidelines section, which include aspects such as mentioning the speaker's name too soon in the introduction.