From Which Websites Can You Download Audio Files of Greek Word Pronunciations?

Numerous websites offer audio file downloads for Greek pronunciation, including,, and provides free downloadable MP3 files featuring koine, or biblical, Greek pronunciation of the New Testament. Users can also purchase all of the files on DVD; one DVD option includes Latin translations in addition to the Greek. Those who purchase this option also receive bonus CDs of the Revelation of John in either Greek or Latin.'s Greek 101 course offers Greek phrases for travelers that users can download for free using iTunes. These basic phrases include, "Thank you" and "You're welcome," as well as ways to apologize, greet people and say goodbye. The site also provides links to free audio downloads of pronunciations of country names in Greek. An audio file on the site presents a Greek word of the day and translates it within a longer sentence, although this file is only available online.

The University of California at Berkeley offers free file downloads through its Language Center. This site focuses primarily on ancient Greek. It includes vocabulary lists, verb conjugation drills, accentuation practice and inflection form examples. The audio files require the QuickTime application; users can download the entire tutorial as a ZIP archive. The site's resources are based on the textbook "Introduction to Attic Greek" by Donald J. Mastronarde. offers modern Greek pronunciation audio files; registered users can download these files for free. Greek-speaking users can also record and upload their own files to the site. The site offers over 50,000 audio files for Greek words. Users can generate random lists, search for specific words or subscribe to the site's feed to receive new pronunciations.