What Are Some Ways to Write English Names in Chinese?


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Some ways to translate English names to Chinese are translating phonetically or by meaning. People can translate names phonetically because English syllables generally correspond to a Chinese character that sounds roughly the same. This translation is based on pronunciation instead of meaning. Translating names from English to Chinese based on philosophical meaning entails choosing two Chinese characters that give hints to personality or something meaningful about the person.

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English names are translated into simplified Chinese characters that are used in mainland China. One easy way to translate English names into Chinese is to use an online translator. The website Usdiner.com/Chinese/ provides a free name translator. Some Chinese characters may be written in a variety of styles, and online translators generate the particular style randomly. Chinese names are written with the last name before the first name, so English translations to Chinese generally follow the same rule.

Business names can also be translated from English to Chinese. If the business name contains a proper noun or a name, it is translated phonetically. Other words in the business name, such as the type of service provided, are translated literally. Additional words like company, corporation or foundation are also translated to their literal Chinese equivalent.

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