What Are Ways to Write a College Graduation Announcement?


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One easy way to write a formal college graduation announcement is to list the educational institution and the degree. The following is an example: “The faculty and graduating class of Neverland University are pleased to announce that Wendy Darling is a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.”

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Informal announcements often start with a famous quote, a sentimental poem or a short, lighthearted rhyme, such as, “Graduation day is here. Let’s celebrate with cheer!” Another option is to start with a brief, playful statement, such as, “I did it!” or, “Raise a toast to the graduate!” For a themed announcement, graduates can use phrasing related to their fields of study. An example is, “The portraits of my childhood are almost complete. To view my final masterpiece, attend my graduation ceremony on (date).”

The tone of a college graduation announcement typically matches the recipients, and immediate family and close friends may receive a less-formal version than colleagues and distant relatives. The wording also depends on the author and whether or not the announcement is an invitation or a simple notification, as the latter requires only the date but not the time or location of the event. For example, announcements written by a graduate's parents may state, “We proudly announce the graduation of our son Thomas,” or, “With great pleasure, we announce that our daughter Sandra is a candidate for graduation.”

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