What are ways to write a college graduation announcement?


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One easy way to write a formal college graduation announcement is to list the educational institution and the degree. The following is an example: ���The faculty and graduating class of Neverland University are pleased to announce that Wendy Darling is a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.���

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Informal announcements often start with a famous quote, a sentimental poem or a short, lighthearted rhyme, such as, ���Graduation day is here. Let���s celebrate with cheer!��� Another option is to start with a brief, playful statement, such as, ���I did it!��� or, ���Raise a toast to the graduate!��� For a themed announcement, graduates can use phrasing related to their fields of study. An example is, ���The portraits of my childhood are almost complete. To view my final masterpiece, attend my graduation ceremony on (date).���

The tone of a college graduation announcement typically matches the recipients, and immediate family and close friends may receive a less-formal version than colleagues and distant relatives. The wording also depends on the author and whether or not the announcement is an invitation or a simple notification, as the latter requires only the date but not the time or location of the event. For example, announcements written by a graduate's parents may state, ���We proudly announce the graduation of our son Thomas,��� or, ���With great pleasure, we announce that our daughter Sandra is a candidate for graduation.���

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