What Are Some Ways to Translate English to Romaji?

Websites that translate English to Romaji include Romaji.me and LingvoZone.com. These websites allow a user to enter a word or phrase in English and hit a translate button to get the Romaji translation.

At Romaji.me, full sentences of text can be translated. The translator takes the written phrase and translates from English to Romaji. The reverse is also possible, in which the user enters Japanese sentences for translation into English.

LingvoZone.com acts more as a dictionary translator. Only words, not phrases, can be entered into the translation bar to be translated into Romaji.

Romaji is the Japanese language as it sounds using the Roman alphabet. The word Romaji literally translates to "Rome letters." Romaji was first created in the 16th century as Europeans began to explore Japan. Its use was not as common throughout the 17th and 18th centuries as Japan reduced contact with the west. However, in the late 19th century Romaji was in demand again as western nations once again sought contact with Japan. Today, Romaji is useful for nonnative speakers of Japanese who are not familiar with Japanese characters. Generally, Romaji, is used as a standalone language, not mixed with Japanese characters. Romaji is used on public signage throughout Japan in train stations, airports and on roadways.