What Are Some Ways to Teach Kids Prefixes and Suffixes?


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Teach children prefixes and suffixes using worksheets that cover the construction of words using prefixes and suffixes. Sorting games and activities that use prefixes and suffixes may also help children understand these concepts.

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After learning what prefixes, suffixes and root words are, children can create large charts that list common prefixes and suffixes and which root words they can be added to. Play card games where children draw prefixes and suffixes from a deck of flash cards and try to create as many words as they can by adding them to a root word. Worksheets that involve matching prefixes and suffixes to their appropriate root words may also reinforce learning.

As children learn new prefixes and suffixes, they can add them to an ongoing vocabulary journal that can help them review old material and reinforce memorization of new material. Worksheets and activities that have children memorize the definitions of common prefixes and suffixes add to their mastery of word building. Games that involve unscrambling words that include a root word, a prefix and a suffix can help to reinforce children's understanding as to when a prefix or suffix may work with a root word and when it doesn't make sense.

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