What Are Some Ways to Teach Kids About a Plant's Life Cycle?

What Are Some Ways to Teach Kids About a Plant's Life Cycle?

Some ways to teach a plant's life cycle is to have children watch seeds sprout, have hands-on examples of each stage of the life cycle, or have children draw or write a story of a plant's life cycle. Addition material such as videos and diagrams, as well as games, also illustrate a plant's life cycle.

Introduce the plant life cycle by having each child plant seeds in a cup and take care of the seed by watering and providing sunlight. Scholastic.com suggests placing moistened seeds into a plastic sandwich bag. Children are able to see the seed shed its coat and sprout. Children are able to observe the growing process first-hand.

Teach the life cycle of plants with hands-on examples of each stage of growth. Use a fully grown plant, a young plant, a seedling with leaf, and a seed with root. Allow children to touch and explore each stage.

Provide children the opportunity to be creative by allowing them to write or draw stories of each stage and what the seed/plant might be thinking and feeling. This will give students a personal connection to the plant life cycle.

Students also learn about a plant's life cycle by building their own diagrams. Turn the plant life cycle into a game by giving each student a different stage and having them figure out the correct sequence.