What Are the Best Ways to Study for a Spelling Test?

What Are the Best Ways to Study for a Spelling Test?

Some of the best strategies to study for a spelling test include multimedia learning programs, Post-It notes around the house, word games and writing stories. These strategies can help children learn word spellings by putting the words in different contexts.

Multimedia tools are a practical and fun way to help kids learn spelling words. There are many online resources to help kids study words, including Spelling City and K5 Spelling. Rather than enforcing rote memorization, these programs utilize a variety of tactics to help kids learn spelling, including audio and visual learning strategies.

Post-It notes are a simple tool that can help kids memorize spelling words. Write out each individual word on Post-It notes and stick them around the house. When kids see the sticky notes posted on the refrigerator, bedroom door or bathroom mirror, they can close their eyes and recite the spelling to themselves.

Hangman or word searches are useful methods to help kids memorize spelling words. Putting the words into different contexts helps kids think about them in different ways, and the mechanics of these games help kids focus in on precise word spellings.

Writing a story using spelling words is another strategy to help kids place spelling words into a different context. This method also allows kids to exercise their creativity.