What Are Some Ways to Study for the New York Notary Exam?

The most comprehensive way to study for the New York Notary Exam is by reviewing the statutes of New York's Notary Public License Law available through New York's Department of State. Several sites, including HowToBecomeANotaryInNY.com and Quizlet.com, offer free practice tests, flashcards and training exercises to prepare for the official examination.

Licensed by the Secretary of State of New York, notaries provide a number of valuable public services, including the preparation of legal documents such as wills, mortgages and promissory notes; the certification of signatures and documents; and the administration of oaths and affidavits. To be eligible for New York's notary exam, a candidate must be 18 and a U.S. citizen. She must also reside or have a place of business in the state of New York, have achieved a common school education, and have no felony convictions. In order to sit for the examination, a candidate must arrive 15 minutes early to the testing center with a valid state identification card, pay a $15 exam and $60 licensing fee, provide a thumb print, and bring two no. 2 pencils for the test, as of 2015. No study materials are allowed during the test and candidates have one hour to complete 40 multiple choice questions, of which 70 percent must be correct in order to pass. A full list of statues relating to the New York notary exam are available publicly online through the New York Department of State website.