What Are Some Ways to Study for the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test?


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The best ways to study for the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test are to review the test material and take practice exams online. The multiple-choice assessment has a 30-minute time limit and consists of a series of diagrams followed by questions. Online test preparation sites give a breakdown of the content covered on the tests, as well as practice questions to test comprehension of the material.

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Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test takers have the option of a paper or online test, and the exam also comes in two formats: S and T. The most important concepts for test takers to study are physics and physics terminology, including spatial awareness and comprehension.

There are 18 basic categories included on the test, such as acoustics, belt drive, inertia, pulley systems and gears. Other topics included are gravity, velocity, centrifugal force and optics. The assessment tests the application of physics, mechanical aptitude and deduction abilities. It also examines a test taker's ability to visualize spatial relationships.

Practice tests typically cover all of these topics, as well as providing tips and study guides, and are available on multiple online platforms and on smartphone apps. One popular practice exam is the Bennett-Style Mechanical Comprehension Practice test provided by TestPrep-Online.

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