What Are Some Ways Schools Can Teach Spelling?


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Some ways that schools teach spelling include reading and writing words repeatedly, teaching basic spelling rules, playing spelling games and studying the etymology of words. It is also important to teach children to watch out for words that sound alike but are spelled differently.

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What Are Some Ways Schools Can Teach Spelling?
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One basic spelling rule taught in schools is the "I before E" rhyme that explains vowel combinations. Many teachers come up with their own rhymes or rules for double consonants or words that contain a silent "e." For example, most words that have a silent "e" have a long vowel sound in the first vowel, such as "bite" which has a long vowel sound, unlike "bit" which has a short vowel sound.

One spelling game incorporated in the classroom is the crossword puzzle which requires the correct spelling of words or the puzzle cannot be finished correctly. Some board games used to teach accuracy include Scrabble, Boggle and Scattergories. All of these games require a large vocabulary and correct spelling to earn points.

Many spelling bee contestants use the etymology of words to learn to spell even the most difficult words. Understanding the root of most words in Greek, Latin or German makes it easier to recall the basic spelling of a word. This also helps a student understand and retain what the words mean.

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