What Are Some Ways to Get Help With Psychology 101?

What Are Some Ways to Get Help With Psychology 101?

Ways to get help with Psychology 101 include speaking directly with the professor, becoming friends with fellow students and getting involved with the school's psychology department. Online tutoring is available through Chegg.com and HelpHub.Me as of 2015, and Study.com offers a Psychology 101 video course.

Speaking to the professor directly allows the student to ask about concepts that he finds difficult to understand. Getting to know the professor more also often makes the class more interesting for the student.

By making friends with classmates, the student can form a study group. This helps keep the group motivated, and multiple people can often understand more complex concepts by working together.

Involvement with the school's psychology department, whether by joining a club or participating in research, exposes the student to more information about the subject. The student is also able to learn from the people he meets and ask them questions.

To use Chegg.com, visit the site's home page, and click Find An Online Tutor. Perform a search for "Psychology 101," and select a tutor from the results list. To use HelpHub.Me, visit the site's home page, and perform a search. Rates through each site vary based on the tutor.

Study.com offers a course called Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology. The site has a monthly subscription fee but also offers a free trial period.