What Are Ways to Present School Projects?

Some ways to present school projects include a PowerPoint presentation or slide show, a collage, poster, mural, drama or skit. Other options are to produce a newscast or radio broadcast, create and perform a rap, or construct and present a board game or an informational brochure.

Choosing a format to deliver a presentation at school should be determined by the audience and the type of presentation. The format should meet the criteria of the assignment, making sure to provide the information adequately while presenting it in an engaging manner.

When giving a traditional PowerPoint presentation, the presenter must summarize his points so that he can elaborate in his own words during the presentation. Illustrations or pictures are important for visual learners. It can be helpful to create a brochure or handout to go along with the presentation. Getting the audience involved during the presentation by using an activity or interactive response techniques makes a big impact, as does personal interviews or videos.

When using a more creative format such as a skit or radio broadcast, the presenter must maintain the integrity of the presentation by including pertinent information. If presenting a collage or poster, it is important to provide references for material used and to include academic writing to support the visual presentation.