What Are Some Ways to Lower the Cost of Getting a Doctorate Degree?

What Are Some Ways to Lower the Cost of Getting a Doctorate Degree?

Some possible ways to lower the cost of getting a doctorate include taking advantage of scholarships, participating in any assistantship and fellowship programs available and finding out if employer assistance is available. Doctoral students can also seek ways to reduce their tuition and supplies costs.

Graduate schools often offer scholarships as part of their financial aid packages, and doctoral students can save money on tuition this way. External sources, such as scholarship databases and websites of professional organizations, also offer scholarships that may be helpful for doctoral students studying a specific field, belonging to a specific group or having achievements. Applying may require getting reference letters and writing essays showing why the scholarship should be awarded.

Doctoral students can also participate in assistantships and fellowships to earn an income while in graduate school and possibly even get free tuition, mentions Columbia University. These might involve working as teaching assistants, researchers or other positions related to the student's program.

Doctoral students who plan to continue working for their employers might be able to get a specific amount of money per year reimbursed for tuition. This is especially true if the degree is related to the person's current position or the knowledge would add value to the company.

In addition to these ways for reducing doctoral degree costs, students can use tactics like buying e-books to save on textbook costs and taking additional courses per semester, if the program charges by semester.