What Are Some Ways to Learn to Speak Brazilian Portuguese?

What Are Some Ways to Learn to Speak Brazilian Portuguese?

Websites such as MyLanguageExchange.com, EasyPortuguese.com, Babbel.com and Busuu.com offer resources to learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese. Other useful sites for learning the language are LiveMocha.com and OpenCulture.com.

MyLanguageExchange.com offers learners the opportunity to learn Brazilian Portuguese for native speakers. As of 2015, the site has more than 48,000 Portuguese speakers in Brazil who want to trade lessons with English native speakers.

Easy Portuguese offers dozens of lessons for both beginner and intermediate Portuguese learners. Lessons include learning the alphabet, pronunciation, useful phrases, vocabulary and grammar. Beginner lessons focus on basics, such as time, food, adjectives and common verbs. Intermediate lessons cover irregular verbs, relative pronouns, commands and asking questions. The website features audio and is free.

Babbel is another free site for learning. The website uses an organic approach to learning where users apply reason and logic to complete tasks, as opposed to rote memorization. The site features beginner and advanced courses. The site covers grammar, culture and traditions, useful phrases, idioms and pronunciation.

LiveMocha is a free Web resource that allows users to have native speakers check their work. A learner completes a lesson and submits it to the site. Native speakers check the work, earning credits that they can then use to purchase additional lessons. If users do not wish to check others' work, they can purchase lessons via credit card or PayPal.