What Are Some Ways to Learn English Grammar Easily?


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Some of the easiest ways to learn English grammar are to gain familiarity of the rules by reading and writing in the language. Online courses and guides are also useful, particularly those aimed at students learning English as a second language. Many such resources include quizzes to practice using English grammar and increase familiarity and proficiency.

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Reading English language texts to become familiar with grammatical rules and conventions can be an enjoyable method for students, since the selection of texts can be based on personal interest. At the same time, it is a good idea to read a wide variety of materials, including newspaper articles, blogs, fiction, non-fiction and academic journals.

An enjoyable way to practice English grammar by writing in the language is to keep a personal journal. Showing writing samples to somebody who is skilled in English is a good way to identify recurring grammatical errors, which will speed up the process of becoming proficient in English grammar.

For learners who enjoy playing games on smartphones or tablets, there are a number of grammar learning apps available. Finding one that has a good balance of entertainment and education value is likely to make grammar learning easier and more enjoyable. It will also boost motivation.

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