What Are Some Ways to Learn Conversational English?


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Learn conversational English by studying online English lessons, or by joining an English conversation group in the local area. Websites that offers free English lessons include EnglishSpeak.com, TalkEnglish.com and Alison.com.

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A good way to learn to speak a new language is to combine reading and written lessons with speaking and listening in real time. While speaking and listening are good ways to learn the pronunciation and flow of a language, written studies are helpful for learning the grammatical structure and meaning of words. A combination of both activities leads to a higher degree of fluency.

EnglishSpeak.com offers 100 short English lessons, as of 2015. Each of these lessons focuses on a single conversational phrase, such as "Do you want something to eat?" or "The food tastes great." A user selects her native language from a list including German, Spanish, French and Vietnamese. Each lesson features a short conversation on the topic, with options to listen to the entire conversation, or to individual phrases.

Websites such as Meetup.com are good places to find language conversation groups. These are groups of people who meet regularly for the purpose of having a group conversation in a particular language. An English conversation group typically includes both native English speakers and people who wish to learn the language.

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