What Are Some Ways to Interest Children in Science?


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Some ways to get children interested in science is to take them to places that show how science is applied to real life, get them involved in science fairs, let them participate in internships and national programs, provide opportunities for informal learning activities at home and use websites on science topics. Parents and teachers should be supportive of learning and allow children to explain science concepts and ask questions about what interests them, as this will encourage curiosity and interest.

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Museums, local centers, exhibitions and festivals all offer opportunities for children to experience science. Children who participate in science fairs also develop an understanding of research and experimentation, which may led to a long lasting interest in the subject. Websites like the Dolan DNA Learning Center and BioTech are available to provide interactive science content that can engage children. Informal learning activities such as home science experiments and visits to local attractions such as the zoo and planetarium can also help. High school students interested in internships or national programs may find some through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or the Molecular Sciences Institute.

Parents and teachers should also involve children in science-related activities as much as possible. Sharing information about career options in science can particularly be helpful for high school students, as they can choose science courses that will help them meet university admissions requirements for science degree programs.

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