What Are Some Ways to Have Fun Teaching?


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Ways to have fun teaching include using visual aids and live specimens and demonstrations of the principles being taught. It is important to teach children to ask questions and encourage them to find answers. Students can be engaged in individual or group projects, and take field trips and study tours.

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Preventing boredom associated with textbook and blackboard learning can be accomplished through creative visual aids to enhance learning and spark curiosity. Short films, animations, infographics, presentations and 3-D models are good learning tools. Laboratory or live specimens of insects and small animals bring a biology class to life and provide hands-on education. Adequate time should be allotted to demonstrate as many scientific experiments as possible and provide real world examples for lessons in the social sciences.

It is beneficial to encourage discussions, debates, short plays and mock court sessions in the classroom for concrete visual and auditory learning. Allowing every child to voice his opinion ensures that a clear and educative conclusion is reached. Children can prepare and teach certain parts of the lesson with projects or mock teaching sessions. Field trips to farms, factories, fire stations, botanical gardens or even the zoo can provide the children with a fun learning experience.

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