What Are Some Ways to Format Teacher Worksheets With Answers?


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Teacher worksheets can be formatted using online worksheets with answers on the reverse side of the page. Examples of these can be found on Math-Drills.com and Super Teacher Worksheets.

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Math-Drills.com features a large variety of worksheets for mathematics. The topics vary from as simple as addition and subtraction to as complex as fractions and algebra. These worksheets have math problems in rows and columns across the page. The space where the student writes the answer can be left blank or feature a large square. Answers are printed on the reverse side or as a separate page.

Super Teacher Worksheets features a variety of subjects. Reading worksheets have sentences in a column and ask the student to number them in sequential order. Writing worksheets feature a writing prompt with a cartoon image and lines underneath for the student to write a story. Once again, the answers are on a second page or the reverse side.

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