What Are Some Ways to Get Extra Math Practice?


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Students can ask their teachers for supplementary math problems or work unassigned problems in their textbooks. In addition, IXL and Paul's Online Math Notes provide extra problems and explanations of math concepts from pre-K through college-level math.

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What Are Some Ways to Get Extra Math Practice?
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IXL is a learning company that provides additional math and language resources to grade school students. On IXL.com, selecting Math on the navigation bar displays a list of grades from pre-K to eighth grade and subjects from algebra to precalculus for high school grades. Selecting a grade displays a list of grade-appropriate concepts. Selecting a topic then displays a set of quiz-style problems, which students can use for practice. The application tracks time elapsed and questions attempted and then calculates a grade for the user based on accuracy and speed of completed questions.

Paul's Online Math Notes, created by Paul Dawkins of Lamar University, provides explanations and practice problems for college-level math. Dawkins provides notes with explanations and theorems as well as practice problems with solutions for calculus I, calculus II, calculus III and differential equations. The site also features "cheat" sheets of properties and formulas for algebra, trigonometry, derivatives, integrals and Laplace transforms as well as guides for studying math and avoiding common mistakes.

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