What Are Some Ways to Find English Tutors?

Find English tutors by asking friends, family members and fellow students for a referral or by contacting a local school district, college or university to locate an educator or advanced student who offers tutoring services. Tutors also advertise in newspapers, magazines, and educational blogs and websites for students to locate help with English locally.

Locate English tutors by inquiring of private companies that provide tutoring services in a variety of subjects to see if a tutor specializing in English is available. Private companies commonly provide tutoring in private residences, at local schools or online via Web conferencing software. Some tutors also host sessions at community centers or in their own residences.

An English tutor is primarily responsible for teaching non-native speakers how to use the language, recognize words, form cohesive sentences and learn the parts of speech. Qualified tutors should have TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or CELTA qualifications or a degree in English or a related field. Students seeking an English tutor should investigate the tutor's credentials, request references and inquire about teaching methods to find a good fit. Some tutors provide one-on-one lessons, while others host workshops, seminars or group sessions to review English language concepts.