What Are Some Ways to Determine Your Learning Style?


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Determine your learning style by completing a learning style self-assessment or a multiple intelligences self-assessment. Such assessments are available on websites such as EducationPlanner.org, Edutopia.com, and HowToLearn.com, as of 2015. Sometimes, schools administer multiple intelligence self-assessments, often to students in gifted or specialized programs.

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The learning style self-assessment on EducationPlanner.org has 20 multiple-choice questions that help identify visual learners, auditory learners and kinaesthetic learners. The results section offers advice on steps different types of learners can take to improve their educational experiences.

The self-assessment on HowToLearn.com similarly distinguishes between the three aforementioned learning styles, but it instead has true or false questions requiring users to check whether they agree or disagree with statements.

The test on Edutopia.com is a multiple-intelligence self-assessment with 23 questions. This self-assessment covers the aforementioned three learning styles along with some different learning styles, such as musical and spatial.

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