What Are Some Ways to Create Your Own Storybook Online?

Online resources, such as MyStorybook.com, exist to create a personalized storybook. StoryJumper.com also allows users to make their own storybooks online. This site allows users to share stories for free online and to buy published copies of the book. For a small price, unlimited digital downloads of the book are available.

At MyStorybook.com, the website walks through the steps necessary to create a story. A user can choose a character and personalize the character's appearance. He can then draw his own creation into the story and type in the text of the story. Finally, the user can add the scene, changing the background as desired. He can add new pages as needed, and when finished, he can easily save the book.

StoryJumper.com has images and ideas to add to pages in a storybook and has some simple templates set up for pages in the book, including the cover and dedication page. It allows the user to create unique pages with background scenes, text blocks and the option to add personal photos to the book. Editing is easy, with simple buttons to click for resizing and shaping the desired items for the book. There is also a lesson plan available for teachers to use in the classroom if using StoryJumper.com as a teaching tool.