What Are Some Ways to Come up With Funny Poll Questions?


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Come up with funny poll questions by relating them to existing questions on the survey, avoiding offensive questions, and having at least four serious poll questions for every humorous one used. This helps applicants take the survey seriously, and they can provide useful results even as they have fun with the funnier questions.

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One way to develop a humorous poll is to create a completely new humorous question and to add it to the otherwise serious questions in the survey. Another way is to take one of the questions you were going to ask anyway and ask it in a humorous way. This benefits you because a funny survey that may attract more respondents, giving you a larger collection of data.

Ensuring that the humorous questions are still related to the other questions in some way helps those surveyed not mentally wander too far away from the subject at hand. If the question is not related, then keep it simple, as overly complex responses may cause the respondents to lose interest.

Verify that humorous questions are both upbeat and appropriate for your specific audience. Putting the respondents in bad moods makes them less likely to respond to the questions and may negatively influence the results.

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