What Are Some Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in School?

What Are Some Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in School?

Ways to celebrate Black History Month in school include reading and discussing poems from historic black poets, making traditional soul food dishes, playing African games, and viewing or creating timelines depicting major events in black history. Students can also study oral histories in African and African American history.

Students studying historical black music such as jazz or the blues can compose original songs. Students can also study the history of black music and how it impacts contemporary society and musical artists. Teachers can also arrange field trips to local historical sites and museums with ties or exhibits related to the style of music students are studying.

Classes can study famous speeches by current prominent and historic black individuals and write original speeches. Students can also discuss how famous speeches have impacted contemporary society in various communities and subcultures.

Students can learn more about famous firsts and trendsetters in black history. Teachers can also review contributions to the science, business, food and arts industries from the black community and how those contributions influenced the future of the industry.

Teachers can explore the history of black cinema and depictions of the African American community in contemporary movies and TV shows. Students can also learn about famous black directors, screenwriters and actors.