What Are Some of the Best Ways to Become Popular at a New School?


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Students who want to become popular at a new school can act confident, engage with others and find their own unique styles. These strategies can help students distinguish themselves and make more social connections.

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Projecting an aura of confidence is one of the most effective ways for new students to get noticed and make friends. Confidence has many elements, from class participation to body language. Students who raise their hands, crack jokes and participate in class can raise their visibility and impress other students. Projecting confidence, even if it’s not completely true, can help students endear themselves to others. Good posture and eye contact are two major physical components of confidence.

Being friendly is part of becoming popular, but it’s more important to engage others by asking insightful questions and offering substantial compliments. Rather than offering generic praise about other classmates’ appearances or clothing, new students should try to make observational compliments that show they have been listening to others. Offering honest, positive observations about others is a great way to become closer to them.

New students can also distinguish themselves by developing their own styles. It’s not necessary to go along with prevailing trends, and trying to dress just like everyone else can make it more difficult to stand out in a crowd. A new student should cultivate a style that expresses his personality and makes him feel confident and comfortable.

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