What Are Some Ways to Get Help With Accelerated Reader Tests?


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According to Reading Specialist Heidi Songs, ways to help with accelerated reading tests include stopping a child while reading to ask them to draw pictures concerning what is happening in the book and asking as many reading comprehension based questions as possible when reading with a child. Additionally, having a child read a book aloud to an adult before the adult reads it to them can further reading comprehension rates. Reading along with books on tape have a similar effect.

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To help a child pass an accelerated reading test, choose a book that is in their zone of proximal development, or appropriate for their reading range, which is determined through STAR testing. Allow children to test with shorter books from their range; taking accelerated reading tests with chapter books requires significant review time and often produces results that are not optimal. No matter the length of the book, it should be read at least five times before testing.

To further reading comprehension, require a child to re-read a whole sentence after stumbling over a word with an unknown meaning. Dissect that sentence until the child understands both the word and how it is used in context. Then, require the child to start from the top of the page and re-read the entire thing. This puts the brain back into reading comprehension mode, which it was jolted out of by trying to decode the unfamiliar word.

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