What Is the Way to Write Thoughtful Thank You Messages?


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Some ways to make thank you messages thoughtful include hand-writing them, using purchased stationary and personalizing them. In the modern age of email and text messages, a handwritten thank you note can speak volumes as to its sincerity. Also, keeping a thank you note formal shows respect to the gift giver.

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The purchasing of special thank you stationary can show thoughtfulness. While it is acceptable to write a thank you note on a piece of paper, specific stationary shows much forethought. It is also a good idea to keep the note personal. Instead of writing "thank you for the baby shower gift," it may be better to write "thank you so much for the lovely receiving blankets." It also shows sincerity to describe the use of the gift. "Thank you so much for the lovely receiving blankets. They are a perfect match for the nursery and keep Baby Micah snuggly and warm." Someone who has given a gift will love to know that it is being put to use.

Often, a gift recipient will get busy and forget to send a thank you note. Even if the note is late, it should be sent anyway. Especially after a life-changing event or the birth of a child, it is customary to be a little late with a thank you. It can be worded as sincerely as possible. A gift recipient could write "I apologize for my lateness. Baby Micah has been quite a handful these past few weeks," and continue with the thank you.

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