What Is the Way to Write a Teacher's Reference Letter?


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When writing a teacher's reference letter, the writer should know the teacher well and make this clear, present specific examples of the teacher's successes and techniques, discuss the teacher's ability to get along with coworkers and talk about the teacher's leadership and classroom management qualities. This letter can also include information about the teacher's ability to use technology with students, organization skills and ability to accept and implement constructive criticism.

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The general look and presentation of the letter of reference is very important because it must be convincing, neat and easy to read. The reference letter should be on a letterhead, two pages long, single-spaced and on plain white paper. It should not contain any empty adjectives. These include words like "great," "incredible," "amazing" and "spectacular."

The letter must be completely positive, and this is not the time to discuss any shortcoming the teacher may have. If the writer feels that the teacher is problematic, they should decline writing the letter. The letter should have a high level of detail and not be vague. When speaking of the teacher having accomplishments, for example, the letter should list specific accomplishments. Accomplishments can include things like helping to improve the curriculum or winning teaching-related awards.

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