What Is the Way to Write a Profile Paper on a Person?

To write a profile paper on a person, choose someone who is newsworthy and prepare by reviewing his or her background, making a list of interview questions and then transcribing the answers into the paper. If the interview will be recorded, be sure to obtain the interviewee's permission before doing so.

A profile paper paints a picture of a person using words. Good preparation prior to the interview and the right selection of questions helps to ensure interesting and accurate information is obtained.

Step 1: Choose the subject and do background research

Select the person the paper is to be about carefully, making sure he or she will interest the readers. Do some research on the individual and make a list of questions to prepare for the interview.

Step 2: Get everything ready

Assemble everything that will be needed for the interview. Some items to have on hand are pencils, pens, notepads and a tape recorder. Remember to bring the list of questions from Step 1. Set up a date and time to meet the person that is being interviewed.

Step 3: Conduct the interview

Use the list of questions to conduct the interview. However, remain open to going off track a bit in order to listen to anecdotes and stories about the person's life.

Step 4: Write the paper

Use the information from the interview to write the profile paper. Write the paper in third person and be casual yet informative.