What Is the Way to Write a Letter to Invite a Guest Speaker?

way-write-letter-invite-guest-speaker Credit: Vancouver Film School/CC-BY 2.0

A letter to invite a guest speaker should include information on why the person is being chosen, what the objectives of the speaking event are and the specific time of the invitation. The letter can be in casual or formal style, depending on the type of event that is occurring.

The letter can also include information on how to contact the person coordinating the event and where the event is taking place. It is important for most guest speakers to know the reason that the event has made the choice for a guest speaker. This should always be included in the letters and should be close to the beginning. The writer should detail why the speaker is a great choice for the event. The invitation letter can also include a list of objectives for the event and can let the potential guest speaker know what the event is about.

The person who is writing the letter should always tell the potential guest speaker that the organization would be honored to have him or her at the event. This will let the speaker know that the organization values the information that the speaker has to say and that the organization is truly interested in hearing the speaker.