What Is the Way to Write a Good Persuasive Letter?


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A good persuasive letter must begin with a strong thesis that sets up what the letter will be about and then it must provide evidence that helps to support the thesis statement. The letter must present the statement and then make a case for it so that the reader will be swayed.

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A thesis statement must tell the reader what the letter writer is going to discuss, which is the subject matter, and set the outline or "road map" for the rest of the letter. It must also make a statement about the writer's claim so that the reader knows what the writer is trying to prove throughout the letter.

To help write a persuasive letter, the writer must think about repetition. Repetition means making one's point in several different ways so that the reader can properly absorb the information and understand what the writer is saying. The writer should also choose different kinds of repetition, such as telling a story, a quote from a famous person, in direct terms and using an example.

The persuasive letter should also have a number of reasons why the statement is true. The reader will be more likely to agree with the statement if they are given several reasons why the statement is true. Comparisons should also be inherent in the letter and using metaphors, similes and analogies can help to change the way the reader relates to the sentence.

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