What Is the Way to Write an Employee Profile?

Employee profiles will vary from business to business according to their brand, but they usually share the following elements: a visual focal point, an employee biography and online visibility. Employee profiles are a good way to present a personable brand image and encourage employee engagement.

There are three steps necessary to create an employee profile.

Step 1: Select a suitable image

Find or create an image to represent oneself. Having a personal photo taken professionally will ensure the best quality, but more important are a relaxed or friendly appearance and bright, natural lighting. Alternatively, in lieu of a personal photograph, use an avatar or any other image that represents one's personality.

Step 2: Write a biography

Write a short description of the person's role within the company, along with details of why this role is a good fit. This might include personal interests, skills or hobbies. Be sure to project professionalism, however, and keep in mind how different readers might respond to the kind of language and content chosen.

Step 3: Publish and share

Sharing employee profiles via social networking is a good way of increasing visibility, but it is important to make sure that social networking accounts linked to the employee profile are in line with the company image.