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"Which Way USA" is a subscription-based program run by Highlights magazine that gives children geography puzzles and maps once a month, including clues, heroes, fun facts and historic events spanning two states. The program is labeled for children ages 6 and up.

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The idea behind the "Which Way USA" project is to teach children about the history and geography of the United States in a way that is fun and will keep young children engaged. The project was also designed to boost children's confidence as they answer questions correctly and work their way through the puzzles. The children are able to earn points for their team when played in the classroom and also learn how to work as team.

The program also gives children fun collectible items, such as license plate tags and maps. Highlights offers a 100 percent guarantee for parents and educators if the children are not happy with the program and want to return it. Highlights has been creating children's products, including their popular magazine, for over 65 years. This particular program launched more than 10 years ago, and Highlights' editorial director, Mary Alice Moore, stated that it has been the most popular of all of the puzzle clubs that Highlights offers.

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