What Is the Best Way to Study for the NCLB Test?


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The best way to study for a No Child Left Behind standardized test is to engage in practice tests in the classroom, make notes when reading textbook materials and read and interpret visuals within practice materials. It may also help to work with a group to answer sample questions collaboratively.

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Another effective method to study for a standardized test like the NCLB is to study over an extended period of time with short breaks instead of long study sessions a day or two before the test. Test takers can spend time enhancing their vocabulary by reading about current events online or in the newspaper as well as textbook readings. Although memorization of vocabulary terms may be helpful in the short-term, students are typically better equipped for vocabulary portions of the test if they are exposed to new words daily through reading.

When completing practice tests prior to the NCLB exam, practice answering the easiest questions first. This provides students with the knowledge to skip over questions that leave them stuck so they are able to answer more questions. If time allows, students can return to the harder questions. In addition, students can increase the speed of testing by eliminating answers they know are incorrect to better focus on choosing the right answer. Practicing test questions available online and from classroom teachers provides study opportunities that familiarize students with the format of the test.

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