What Is the Way to Start an Essay With a Hook?

What Is the Way to Start an Essay With a Hook?

In order to start an essay with a hook, writers might make use of surprising facts, questions or exaggeration for effect. The aim should be for maximum impact and interest, seizing the reader's attention and encouraging them to read on.

The introductory hook should certainly be on topic, but it is also an opportunity to be creative.

Opening with an unusual or shocking statistic relevant to the topic is a good way to start, but care should be taken to ensure that the statistic is from a reliable source.

Bold statements are another good way to begin an essay with a hook. Describing something in superlative terms is an effective way to get readers interested. Even if the topic does not at first appear capable of holding a reader's attention, something superlative might be spun from it. For example, an essay about lighter sales or cigarettes might begin with the statement: "Cigarettes are the number one cause of lighter sales in the world."

Quotations are another popular way to hook readers in, using the words of others to set the scene and lend credence to the rest of the essay.

Anecdotes from one's personal experience, meanwhile, are a way of showing the essay's relevance to the more down-to-earth individual.