What Is the Way to Report the Progress of Preschool Children?


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Progress reports can be written for a preschool child based upon the milestones he or she has attained in areas of cognitive development, emotional development, and physical development. More specific measures of these areas can incorporate a child's self-help skills, play habits, language use and motor skills.

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Here are some strategies for creating a progress report:

Step 1: Categorize the progress report into emotional, physical, and cognitive areas of development

Indicate specific cognitive achievements made with a check mark. A child may illustrate cognitive development through recognition of colors, but still has not been able to recognize basic geometric shapes.

Step 2: Similarly indicate specific instances of physical and emotional development

Emotional development can be reflected in a child's ability to make choices without a teacher's assistance. Physical development can be illustrated through a child's ability to use classroom tools like crayons and paper with skill and dexterity.

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