What Is the Way to Practice for a CNA Skills Test?

Practicing for a CNA skills test should include a variety of tasks CNAs perform routinely and less frequently, from taking vital sign measurements to inserting catheters. "CNA" stands for certified nursing assistant or certified nursing aide.

To practice for a CNA skills test, it is important to brush up on a variety of tasks that a CNA may perform routinely. Sometimes, more rare procedures are part of the test. Common basic skills a CNA would need to demonstrate include measuring blood pressure, temperature, respiration and pulse. He or she may also be asked to demonstrate giving a patient a partial bed bath, inserting a catheter, brushing a patient's teeth, making an empty bed, making a bed while a patient is in it, using a gait-transfer belt or moving a patient from the bed to a stretcher. Tests may also include using a bed pan, shaving patients, giving enemas and taking temperatures rectally. The test taker may also be presented with a situation in which the patient has experienced memory loss or is otherwise confused.

It is important to remember that seemingly minor tasks such as washing hands or disposing of waste can be crucial in a CNA skills test. The test taker should review basic hygiene practices, such as the minimum time a CNA should spend scrubbing his or her hands.