What Is the Way to Make a Model of a Brain for a School Project?

way-make-model-brain-school-project Credit: brewbooks/CC-BY-SA 2.0

A model of a brain can be made using a Styrofoam ball with modeling clay that is molded to form the shapes that make up the brain. Different colors of modeling clay can be used to highlight the different parts of the brain and toothpicks with small pieces of paper can be used to label the different parts.

To create a model brain, students should first have an accurate idea of what a true human brain looks like. Textbooks, educational websites and printouts from teachers can all give students an accurate representation of the brain. Students should then decide if they are going to make the brain life-sized or if they are going to make their model larger than the size of an actual brain. Students can find Styrofoam balls and molds in various sizes to suit the needs of their model brain. Students should consider making their brain model larger than the average human brain to help them show more detail than would be seen in a smaller model. Students should also decide if they are going to make the brain in a lifelike color and should find the appropriate modeling clay colors for the project. If students are using different colors to highlight different areas, it is acceptable to use more novelty colors that are not lifelike.