What Is the Way to Make a Funny College Survival Kit?

To make a funny college survival kit, include items that are both beneficial and fun for the average college freshman, like humorous posters, medicines that may be both useful and embarrassing, and toilet paper. It may also be a good idea to include fun and funny-themed food items that will get a student through a rough study session, but also make them laugh. Items from their childhood may be appropriate here as well.

Depending on the size of the kit, which can be created using a laundry basket, a picnic basket, or even a first aid kit, more items can be included in this gift. School supplies, like pencil sharpeners and pen cases, may be essential for some college freshmen, and can frequently be purchased in humorous shapes and designs. Some completely unnecessary items that pertain to an inside joke may be worth including as well, to remind the college student of friends and family members if they get homesick.

Another popular choice is pre-stamped postcards. This is a way to ensure that the student will write to people back home. The postcards can feature cartoons or funny phrases. Pre-stamping will also save the student some money. Some people like to write fun explanations in the kit of why they included certain items.