What Is the Best Way to Learn American English?

What Is the Best Way to Learn American English?

The best way to learn American English is to live, study or work among native English speakers. There are also many online resources for learning American English when travel to the United States is not possible. Sites such as LearnAmericanEnglishOnline.com, AmericanEnglish.State.gov, LearningEnglish.VoaNews.com and 5MinuteEnglish.com contain a variety of learning resources.

Additionally, there are websites that focus specifically on expanding learners' American English vocabulary and word recognition. These include instructions given by American English speakers, interactive quizzes and videos.

Flashcard sites let learners create flashcards to practice and learn English for free. Some flashcard websites help visitors track their progress and provide real-time advice on how to improve their language skills.

Some websites allow learners to install applications on their computers that send pop-up American English language lessons and questions. That way, learning and studying constantly take place while users surf the web or carry out other tasks.

There are comprehensive American English lessons and learning packages available through some online dictionary sites that provide authoritative resources to enhance the study experience.

Free online translation services - available through a number of Internet search engines - allow learners to look up troublesome or unfamiliar words and phrases, that hasten the learning process by quickly returning the desired information.

Other websites, such as Hulu.com, ProjectFreeTV.so and SnagFilms.com, offer free streaming of television programs and movies that help learners become immersed in the language learning experience.