What Is the Way to Get a GED Online?

What Is the Way to Get a GED Online?

Anyone that wants to obtain a general educational development certificate, or GED, must appear in person at an authorized GED testing center. As of 2014, the entire GED test is computerized, but cannot be completed online or at home.

In order to receive an authentic and accredited GED certificate, attendance must be made in person at a GED testing center. After taking the test at the center, it is graded. If the person passes the test, he or she will receive a GED certificate. The steps to taking the GED test are quite simple.

Step 1: Prepare

As with any test, preparation is the key to success. When preparing for the GED test, the more a person studies, the better his or her chance is of passing. The test is based on the state's standards to pass high school. The GED test covers four areas: language arts, math, social studies and science.

Step 2: Find a testing center

Check with a local high school or online to find a convenient GED testing center. The entire testing process, covering all four modules, is approximately 7 1/2 hours long. In most cases, those taking the test can expect to receive their scores within 24 hours.